What makes a woman feminine to you?

what are characteristics of femininity to you?


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  • I have no idea. She can wear guy clothes but women just have that feminine energy that you can just sense. It's written in her face and on her body and it's in the way she moves. It's in how she talks and her expressions. I can't describe it but I can feel it. I can't put it better than say that women know best what is feminine - it's you being your girly, womanly self, it's when you're happy and fulfilled and it radiates out from you. When you're feeling at your best you're at your most feminine.

  • *Curvy figure - larger breasts, wide hips, etc.

    *Has eyes you can get lost in.

    *Healthy, longer hair

    *Soft voice

    *Acts like a lady... nice, charming, dresses modestly.

    *Likes to have fun, but not too much... can be serious.

    That's the kind of girl I want! :)

  • 1.Long hair, at least shoulder length

    2.Should not weigh over 130

    3. Girly-playful voice.

    4. No drama. No fighting other women or ranting about your ex-boyfriend

    5. Sexy skirts

    6. DOESN'T look or act sloppy. Sloppy is a turn-off. Clumsiness is a turnoff.

    7. Be able to sit still. Stop fidgeting

    8. Attention span. You should be able to sit through a long movie without complaining even if you don't like it. Its called being polite. You should also be interested in what the guy has to say, GENUINELY, instead of waiting for him to stop so you can go on and on about yourself

    Feminine women understand the world doesn't revolve around them. They are not attention whores

    • What does weight have anything to do with it? so many sexy woman weigh more than 130 pounds.

    • Yes with number 2 the weight thing doesn't make sense theri are people that weigh 130 and thry appear fat compared to someone else I know who weighs 136 and thay are both the same height etc.

  • Oh no... you cannot ask a question like that! =P

  • Dressing nice, having nice hair, smelling good, doing cute things (making a present instead of buying it), calling just because, etc...

  • many things. but basically it could just be not acting like a guy. from things like..not burping..to things like wearing more dresses and skirts than pants and shorts

  • i'd say any girls that wear dresses or skirts. I know girls who NEVER wear those.. kinda tomboy I guess? also girls who are flirty because it reminds you they are girls haha

  • being playfull

  • ur hot already but curves, big red lips, long hair, big boobs and butt, and a sense of confidence with a spice of flirty;)

  • Well there are a few things, but bare in mind, the abscence of these things don't make a girl masculine or not feminine...


    -Long/longer hair (like at least longer than the average guys hair)

    -bright colors

    -higher pitched voice

    -shaves under arms, legs

    -painted nails

    -likes to be held

    -veryh interested in emotions

    -likes to talk

    • Oh, I higher pitched voice like Justin Bieber? Lol.. I was jk.. I was dared to put this as a comment.. Sorryy

    • Haha that's okay..but honeslt the first time I ehar justin beiber I thot he was a girl lol

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  • Are girls allowed to answer this one? lol

    I feel like some of the guys are mixing up being "girly" and being feminine. Wearing skirts and dresses doesn't make you feminine. Being feminine is more about how you carry yourself, in my opinion. It takes some amount of class and maturity. I know plenty of girls who wear skirts/dresses on a regular basis, spend tons of time on hair and makeup, etc., but act trashy. That's not feminine to me. I guess I see being girly as more of an outside trait while femininity is something internal.

  • Being feminine is simply acting like a female!

    Whether its her style

    the way she speaks,

    the way she walks

    the way she acts and reacts

    the way she laughs

    the way she eats

    etc etc etc

    Its not about wearing dresses, believe me I know a lot of girls who wear dresses and have an extreme boyish behavior.

    Make up, dresses and hair is a bonus!

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