Guys, What leggings do guys like best?

I like the shaped and the patterned but so much the black
  • Guys, What leggings do guys like best?shaped
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  • Guys, What leggings do guys like best?just black
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  • Guys, What leggings do guys like best?patterned
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  • black is good because they can give the illusion of being (sometime they are) see through. the 3rd pair on bottom I like best because it silhouettes a certain ummm body part better.
    but what do I know, that is just the opinion of a dirty old man.

    • Thanks it's nice to get a guys view
      Perhaps I should of taken pics of me bending over?

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    • pm me I will send you a pic of me in tights. I'm not gonna post it where everyone can see though cause these ones are like the 'emperors new suit' lol

    • oh, no dick pics I promise. I am not some hard up guy that thinks his dick will attract chicks like a magnet lol

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