GUYS: what do you think about hip piercings?

i have two microdermal piercings on my right hip..

do you think that would be cute or slutty

they are little diamonds and the are right above where my underwear/bathing suit would go


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  • Why?

    Seems useless to me. And don't go the "it's how I express myself" route because that is bullsh*t and everyone knows it.

    I personally wouldn't date a girl with piercings like that. Might hook up at a party but that would be the beginning and end of a thing with that girl.

    • I do it because I like the rush of getting one...they aren't like big and gaudy or anything... very small and a lot of people can't even tell until they get close.. I'm not trying to show off or use them for attention I like them for myself buti was just wonderign what guys would think of them when they saw them

    • I would think pretty sexy, I bet she is a freak.

      Nothing along the lines of I want to get to know her.

    • Haha I'm not a freak.. I have blue eyes blonde hair.. about 5'7" nothing too crazy :)

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  • Never seen a hip peircing in my life o.0

    Could be hot if its a nice one.

  • Hip piercings are really cute.


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  • I didn't even know you could get it pierced there! Ok, I know you said guys, but I will answer anyway. Umm, I will say the same thing I say to people who ask about tramp stamps. It won't make you look like a slut if you don't wear it like a slut. Showing it off with your bikini is fine, but low rise jeans with a thong sticking out and a short shirt scream tramp.

    • Yeah I would never wear low rise jeans with my stomach showing ... couldn't bring myself to do that