Why do some guys with long hair let it get greasy? And why do guys typically have nicer long hair than girls?

I have a few guy friends who have hair around shoulder length or longer, and all but one of them don't wash their hair often and let it get horribly greasy. One of them tells me that it feels weird when his hair is clean. I don't know what the reason for the others are, but they often let their hair get to the point that it looks wet all over before finally washing it.

Another thing I've noticed is that all of these guys have beautiful, healthy hair with absolutely no split ends (aside from the one who does wash his hair more frequently and has very curly hair). Their hair is nicer and prettier than most girls', and definitely much healthier than mine. All they do to it is comb it out too, and most of them do not get frequent trims or haircuts. Why is this? I would absolutely love for my hair to be as healthy and nice as theirs, but am not willing to let it get that greasy, lol.


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  • The thing is, our hair actually suffers if you clean/wash it too often. Hot water can dry it out, much like with our skin. It is obviously recommended to wash it before it gets greasy, but also to not wash it too often. Split ends are often caused by that exact thing; hot water, or in some cases, weather. It depends on the type of hair as well.

    • That makes sense. I wash my hair with cold water, but the longest I can go without washing it before it gets greasy is every other day. I have curly hair that tends to be very prone to split ends, unfortunately. I just cut a few inches of it off earlier this month and it's already starting to split in spots again.

    • That's good. Cold water is also better for our skin, compared to hot water. Many girls also use curling irons/straighteners or hair dryers which has the same effect as hot weather, something I suppose the guys doesn't do, as much at least. One thing to note, is that you can wash your hair as you normaly do, but don't use conditioners/shampoo every time, perhaps just every other or so. That'll keep the hair from getting greasy while at the same time not damaging it or ridding it of it's natural oils. Have you tried letting it dry naturally? after taking the worst with a towel of course.

    • Yeah, these guys don't use any heat on their hair. I don't use a blow dryer because the few times anyone has insisted on trying to blow dry my hair in the past, it has turned into a huge ball of fluff, and letting it dry on its own, although it takes around two hours, yields much better results. I do use a flat iron to smooth it out a little once or twice a week when I go out with friends or something, because I really don't know how to tame it otherwise.
      I will try that with the washing! I have oilier skin so my hair gets greasy pretty fast.

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  • Could be bc they never use a flat or a curling iron. Doubt they have ever dyied it as well. And yeah tho the hair being greasy is smth i can't let happen for so long, it does help. You know not washing so often also means not using a hair dryer as often.

    • Yes, none of these guys have ever used heat on or dyed their hair. They all let it air dry as well.

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    • Yeah, he is kind of opinionated to say the least, lol.

    • For sure

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  • probably because they don't abuse it like most women to adding chemicals, curling irons, flat irons and etc.

    • That's most likely very true. I've tried to cut most of that out, but I have naturally crazy hair that I really don't know how to tame in order to look presentable without using some heat on it. It even looks bad pulled back.

  • now you're finding out the secret that big shampoo and conditioner dont want you to know

    • Is there a good way to keep your hair clean without it? I would love to know!

    • can't really remember off the top of my head but its nothing a good google search can't fix

    • Yeah, that's probably true!

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  • Because lack of washing prevents stripping your hair from its natural oils, protecting it from drying or split ends. Greasy hair is gross but I guess it can pay off 😂 Either way I absolutely love guys with long hair

    • I do too, and I think many guys pull off long hair very well! That makes sense that it would be healthier than stripping the hair of its natural oils too, I just don't know how they can stand the feel of greasy hair!

  • The amount of times I've walked past guys with longer hair nicer than mine is way to high lol. I get so jealous lol

    • Me too! I want to know their secrets! I struggle with mine so much!

  • Because they're boys and they never shower


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