Lingerie or No Lingerie that is the question?

I personally love them, they are probably not a necessary, but a vital luxury, in my opinion!

Some guys find them, a waste of money, as most women don't wear them anytime else, except before sex!

Some girls say that they only wear it for their man, but some also say its an ego boost!

Anyway what do y'all think?Lingerie or No Lingerie that is the question??Lingerie or No Lingerie that is the question??

  • Lingerie or No Lingerie that is the question??I love lingerie! And they are absolutely a necessity!
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  • Lingerie or No Lingerie that is the question??I think it's a waste of money!
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  • Lingerie or No Lingerie that is the question??I think it's a nice luxury, but not a necessity!
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  • Lingerie or No Lingerie that is the question??Other (Comment below)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I loooooove lingerie. I have a whole section for it in both my closet and dresser. I like wearing lingerie under normal clothes cause it makes me feel sexy lol. plus I've never had a negative reaction towards it so yeah. love love love it. definitely a necessity for me.

    • And I looove your answer... to be honest this is the answer I was expecting when I asked this question, but instead got depressing answers like:oh its too costly, or ohh it very uncomfortable (so is wearing underwear, doesn't mean you go commando all the time) some positivity at last!

    • it's often expensive yeah but it's worth it!!! it's not uncomfortable for me at all. I think a lot of women don't understand how lingerie sizing works so they end up w the wrong sizes and of course that's gonna be uncomfortable if it's the wrong size. and a lot or women say they don't like lace cause it's itchy but there's satin lingerie too which is super soft and comfy!

    • I completely agree! #Makelingeriegreatagain
      You're definetly getting a MHO!

Most Helpful Guy

  • I think that age has A LOT to do with it!! Younger people, guys, like the lacy sht, but EVERY lady I have been with, HATES THAT!! It hurts, and itches, and she might wear that, for you, being young.
    Later, she likes what she 'likes' but still wants to fit in, and be 'fashionable' with the VS line, but more conservative things, maybe. Not really the best, for comfort, but still 'sexy, enough' so they put up with it. Maybe some insecurities with aging, and compensating in some way.
    Late 30's, she LIKES WHAT SHE LIKES, and PREFERS COMFORT, not much caring that the guy thinks she is 'sexy'!! Maybe divorced, maybe some bad relationships, maybe just realizing that what SHE WANTS and LIKES is IMPORTANT!!
    So what does a guy do? Do you hold to the BS ideal of the uncomfortable sht that they HATE, and you think you like, or do you just realize, at some point, with a certain one, that it's more about how you FEEL about HER, than a sexual thing.
    You just notice that she looks GREAT, in ANYTHING, because of how you feel about her!

    • Damn man you went deep! Anyway thanks!

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    • I like you man, I'm gonna follow you!

    • Thanks! It's nice to know someone likes things I say.
      Where are you in India? I like GAG, because I can meet people like you, on the OTHER SIDE OF THE PLANET, and get an idea of what life is like there, and what you like and do!
      I'm in the Mid-west of the United States. Please don't hate me because our new President is kind of, well, I should support him, and respect, but he is still trying to figure out what to do, I think!!

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What Girls Said 11

  • Honestly it depends on what type of lingerie we're talking about here. Wearing a teddy or basque is annoying to wear under clothes in my opinion for me to comfortably feel sexy about myself, plus it's a pain to take off too. I mean I feel and have been told to look sexy in a bralette and matching panties 😏 Other than that, it's not a necessity I enjoy splurging on.

    • I genuinely don't know the names of any lingerie, I just know it looks hot!

    • Take the time to learn about them then and pause to use some logic in thinking if it's really worth spending $50-80 on? Then put yourself in a ladies position in thinking if some of it is really comfortable to wear and actually easy to strip off?

  • It's parsley. Sure it looks nice on the plate but it's just going to get pushed aside when it's time to eat.
    It's a fun occasional thing

    • That is the greatest analogy ever

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    • Well lets take your analogy a different direction. Your body is the meal. No lingerie means i just grab a fork and dig in. Lingerie means it's a delicious steak and i need a knife to do a little work before i dig in. I like steak.

    • @Whycantijustcomment lol fair play

  • Yh lingerie is used for special occasions but not a lot or else it will become inconvenient. Like for anniversaries, birthdays or for randon surprises I'll put that extra effort to wear nice lingerie but apart from this... hell nah! Who got time for that? definitely not me

  • the only time I don't lingerie is when I work out. started when I realised that H&M underwear suck. the more expensive ones are more comfortable and looks much better than discount underwear

    • I agree. I think the panties from VS and Deb are good. Cheap panties are not good.

  • Waste of money. You keep it on for two minutes, then rip it off and never wear it again. I don't see a point to it.

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What Guys Said 12

  • Its incredibly hot, but Id obviously still date a girl without if I liked her in general, also think there's a difference between lingerie as in nice underwear such as lace etc and not just the cheapest Walmart granny pants and like stockings etc. I think the former is almost a necessity the latter a bonus

  • Hmmm. To me its a vital thing. Better change underwear regularly than change your entire clothing, especially during the winter when you can use the same bottom for more than a couple of times. No matter how clean you are, your vgg/penis and butthole will always leave a smell due to secretions. You can't see them but its there.

  • It has never done anything for me personally. I think it's more for women to "feel sexy" than it is for guys. But, some guys love it. To me, it's like any other clothing, just take it off lol It's in the way!

  • A girl in hot lingerie is honestly much sexier than a woman just naked, in my opinion.

  • Lord knows i love lingerie.
    And that pic with the ass,,,,,, godddaaaamnnn!!

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