A girl asked me my opinion about how she looks ... -_- dear god!?

I was in shock ii never got this question from a girl... It's not possible! She cant... This girl likes me? I almost passed out..

I'm SINGLE FOR 3 years (only 17 years old)

come on single 4 life is the best! SHE CANT do YOU THINK ALSO?

She's not my friend I don't really talk to her... she's always shy... and stuff


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  • If a girl asks you how she looks, it's not a sign that she likes you. Normally, who do women ask about their looks? Women ask their girl friends, boy friends, gay friends, and regular guy friends. You're not a female, nor her boyfriend, or a gay friend. You're just a friend. Thus, she probably wanted a male perspective on how she looks. It sounds like an innocent act. Unless you provide more clues or things she does around you, then this conclusion of her liking you is inconclusive.


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  • I'd say it's more a sign she trusts/respects you and wanted an honest male opinion on her appearance. It's not a sign she likes you.


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  • she wants to know if she looks good...most likely asking you so she gets a guys perspective so she knows whether her real crush thinks she is hot or not...

    lol I'm being brutally realistic here