Girls, does anyone know about black dots on a beauty sponge?

Lately, I noticed black dots on the bottom of my beauty sponge. I stopped using it because I wanted to know what exactly that means? Is it mold? Do I need to toss it and buy another one? Any thoughts appreciated <3


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  • i think it's mold, i have the same! time for a new beauty blender lol. i was mine too with the beauty blender cleanser but i don't know why that's there. you are supposed to replace them every 3 months, that's why the sponge is so cheap. i'm going to get the real techniques one because that is supposedly better than the beauty blender because you can really get into the grooves of your face !

    • thanks! maybe I will check those out if they are better

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  • I think it's now trash. it sounds like mold. Best get a new one.

  • Do you clean it? If it doesn't rub off like a powder it sounds like mould sorry Hun

    • Yeah I clean it all of the time, but ever since the dots popped up I just stopped because I wanted to know what it was. Thanks for the input:)

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