Thong advice 😊?

Hello everyone sooo I'm 13 and I want to occasionally wear a thong to avoid vpl BUT they are sooo uncomfey lol help!!!

What age did you start wearing a thong?

Was it comfortable?

Did it have a thick or thin back?

How long did it take to get used to?

Do you have to wear them everyday to get used to them?

Do you wear a thong in the locker room is it embarrassing?

Thanks xx
This question is for guys to don't be shy lol boys at my school wear thongs no big deal kinda cute


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  • thongs i think can be comfy if you find the right ones.. i like womens regular cut thongs over mens.. i really like to wear them in the summer cuz they are not as hot and keep stuff secure and from sticking


Most Helpful Girl

  • I sometimes wear them but not too often
    I started wearing them when I was about 12
    It didn't take long at all and I didn't find it uncomfortable either, but I wouldn't have worn one on days I had to get changed for PE at school! :P


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  • I have tried in the past to wear a thong, but I stopped wearing them because they are... you guess it... uncomfortable. I don't think there is a life hack for this, other than buying the right size.

    • Lol at least I'm not the only one who can't stand them even though I got a few friends who wear them everyday don't know how they do it

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    • Lol it let you know what happens xx

    • Sure 😊

  • Go with the thick, its easier to wear


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