Is it ok to wear clingy swim shorts?

So I cut out the liner of my swim shorts because they were irrating me (cut the edges of head gland). So if I wear them without underwear they're more comfortable but can really cling to my junk giving a strong outline (I would try to uncling them often) and even when there not wet u can see the penile head outline since I'm circumcized ( I don't think it's a big deal since I don't think girls are actively scanning that area) so would it be to inappropriate to wear shorts like that. I'm comfortable with my body but I don't want to bother anyone so should I just wear underwear underneath?

Thank you and you to :)


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  • if your comfortable who gives a shit? are you trying to impress anyone when you wear these? we all have clothing we know we shouldn't wear but we still wear because it's comfortable.

    • Na like I said it's mainly a comfort things since the lining can literally cut into my junk but tbh I don't know if I would be bothered if it "impressed someone" since u brought it up

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    • Also as a girl do u think it was wrong for me to tell my friend she was flashing me. I know it can be embarrasing but I figured it was better I do it then have her flash people unknowingly

    • Was that question to awkward πŸ˜‚ sorry about that

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  • Whether it's 'okay' or not probably depends on where you live.
    I'm not sure about other girls but I'd probably just laugh to myself about guys who walk around in swim shorts that give a clear outline of their dick. At that point, you're better off just completely skipping the shorts altogether.

    • Hmm okay so I'm going take that as a vote for underwear. I live in California if that makes any difference

    • Yeah you'd probably be fine there, though don't be surprised when the vast majority of women make a point to avoid being anywhere near you.

    • Well I don't want to be avoided so thank you

  • We girls do check guys down there regularly but unless your wiggling your junk to me on purpose I dont mind.

    • So u don't mind seeing an outline as long as I'm not doing it on purpose?

    • Not what I said. He can have his junk hanging around through his shorts and I wouldn't care UNLESS if he wiggled it on purpose towards me. For example, if i wear a dress that shows some sideboob while im out im ok and i dont mind people staring, in fact i like it a bit as i feel desirable, but wiggling by boobs so a specific guy can see, even if he is solo, while he shows no interest is something i dont approve. Its like attacking even if the other person said NO.

    • Ok gotcha thanks

  • I think it's ok, if you are swimming. The big question is are they lighter or darker in color. If they are a medium to darker color with or without a print that would be fine. If they are white with no print then you may get a lot of stares.

    • Haha no on mine the groin area is solid black on one and blue in the other so I shouldn't have to worry about it going seeing through. It's just the outline that should be a factor haha

  • If you're really concerned on what people (esp girls) think, then I suggest you to keep wearing the underwear. You can't control strangers' opinion about you. For me personally, that look will make me uncomfortable. I'm quite conventional.

    But totally understand your struggling. I'm also the person who prefers comfort in fashion rather than the look, so maybe it's better if you buy new shorts 😊😊😊

    • Thanks for your opinion and honesty I really appreciate it :). Unfortunately I don't think new shirts will fix it. I believe it a circuzision problem. Ever pair of boardshorts I owned with lining cut into my glands and after it drew blood one time I decided never again πŸ˜‚ so I guess I just have to wear normal underwear underneath with isn't the hugest deal it just slightly less comfortable and takes long to dry

    • You're welcome. It seems that you found the answer :)

      Keep your dignity up. Don't let people laugh at you.

      Enjoy the summer!

    • Thank you and you to :)

  • i would think it is ok, in Europe the guys wear like rubber spandex ones, so there's no way yours can be close to that tight

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  • I feel your pain with the netting in swim trunks. I cut it out of most of my trunks as well. I have foreskin to make things less obvious, so that helps, but when I really don't want anything to show I wear a swim brief (think speedo) underneath my trunks. The material of the swim brief is much more gentle, and it provides better support than that mesh that comes in swim trunks.


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