Can yoga shorts or cut-off leggings be worn as swim bottoms?

There was a great deal for swimsuits going on at Target recently, 50% off all their junior swimwear. I got a tankini and now I need bottoms to go with it.

I have a short torso (although it's starting to lengthen a bit) and long legs. The long legs are great for making me look tall (even though I'm only average height at 5'4) but the wrong outfits can definitely make me look out of proportion. Traditional bikini bottoms are one of them. They showcase my legs, making my torso look more out of proportion in length. So I like skirts and boy shorts, because they cut more of the leg off and I look proportional in them.

I really want to get a pair of boy shorts for swimming but would prefer them to be around the $5 price range, which is hard to find. However, there are plenty of yoga shorts for that price. I also have plenty of leggings at home that I can easily cut into shorts for swimming. Another reason why I'd prefer to wear yoga shorts would be because they're a bit longer than boy shorts, ending about an inch below the butt unlike boy shorts which stop right under the butt. I have a few stretch marks on my inner thighs from puberty, didn't use to think they were noticeable at all until one of my friends pointed them out :/ They aren't very big or long but boy shorts are too short to hide them, whereas yoga shorts are.

Would a pair of thin, cut-off leggings or some yoga shorts look the same as boy shorts? Would they be suitable to wear swimming?


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  • I wouldn't suggest it. As yoga pants stretch, they become a bit more see through and if they are wet, they'll tend to stretch even more than normal. Unless you're interested in having everyone see your goods, I would steer clear.


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  • Leggings are not the same material and wouldn't make good swim trunks... In the summer Old Navy usually has cheap swim pieces, and I've gotten "boy shorts" instead of "bikini bottoms" there for a good price. It would be better to spend $10 on the perfect swim shorts rather than try to make some out of leggings


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