Girls, What type of hairstyle do you prefer a guy to have?

I feel like my hair is rlly lame now and I wanna try to change it and make it better... What type of style would look best with shorter-medium length hair? How important do u think hair is to a guy's appearance?


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  • I think hair can be pretty important. Sometimes a bad haircut can be kind of a turn-off. Like I knew a few guys with this hair that was long (not like down to their shoulders) but it was just unattractive on them because it covered a large portion of their face and had a bit of an emo look to it I guess? I don't know lol. Anyway, I think that short hair (but not too short) looks much better than that. I'm not talking about a total buzz cut but well... it depends on the person. I'll try to attach some pictures in another comment.

    • Oh I didn't realize you couldn't add pictures in the replies. Also I wanted to clarify, not all long hair is bad. I just meant that personally I didn't think that the specific haircut that the people I was talking about suited them very well. I think the main thing was that it was all in their faces and covering their eyes and I don't know why that bothered me but it did for some reason.

    • But anyway if you search "Male Haircuts" most of the results look pretty good to me.

    • Thanks for the feedback!

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