How to shrink ck jeans?

I just bought a black pair of Calvin Klein jeans in a size 25x32. The waist fits me perfectly but when I got home I realized the whole leg starting from my knee was not skinny and looked baggy:/ does anyone know how to shrink jeans? I heard of writing them in a hot bath and then wearing them till dry, but I also heard that only works for raw jeans, and ck doesn't make raw jeans (I think). Please someone help because they were expensive and are very nice :(


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  • is exchanging them for another size an option?

    • getting them to your size is basically cutting off the baggy part at the line and reassembling them with some wool of the same color and that's capable of holding them, do you have any professional in couture/tailoring around you? it would be safer to check with them

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