This is the best manscaping option for whole body?

Guys should shave /trim EVERYWHERE this way if TOO hairy?

That's the BEST and most attractive hair removal option and women love the end results?


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  • I'm speechless. I didn't know I was a voyeur. Lol. The first guy had such nice hands I didn't notice anything else. The second guy? Omg he's going to shave his entire frickin body !! No! He can't do that every other day for the rest of his life! When he gets 40, maybe earlier , he's going to say f*ck this shit. And by then he's already married to someone who hates his hairy body. Stop shaving and find someone who likes you hairy. Omg. He shaved his whole body.

    • Speechless? why?
      and no , the second guy did not shave it off , he just used electric trimmer ALL over his body because he is too hairy as you can see it.
      By 40 his chest hair would turn grey and hence he can't stop trimming them then because his grey upper chest hair would look highly ugly.
      And by then he's already married to someone who hates his hairy body.""... i did not get this line.

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  • A man groomer from mangroomer?


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