Tricks to bring breasts closer together?

I'm a C cup, but my breasts are just about too far apart for decent cleavage unless I tighten the straps and pull my breasts up as high as possible, which I feel is a bit too obvious for my taste.

Has anyone got any tips or tricks (or sticky tape suggestions that don't rip off 5 layers of skin)?


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  • Just a wonder bra is all you can do for that or tape might work


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  • There are bras specifically designed for this situation actually. Go bra shopping!

  • Doesn't a good push up bra do the trick?

    • Like the bombshell from Victoria's Secret

    • I don't like the appearance of breasts hauled up too high, it doesn't look natural - which I value. I don't like someone being able to tell the second I wear anything remotely low cut that I'm hauling my breasts up to my ears or wearing something extra padded. Literally just looking for a natural-ish looking way to make my breasts look closer together

    • Yeah don't think that's possible. Naturally they're far apart and when you try to bring them together they'll get the fake tits look by bringing them up.. good luck though

  • it is all about the bra you wear


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