What do you perceive as the ideal face?

Give me a generalized description of what you think is the ideal face for a female or male.
For example one could find big eyes, small nose, large forehead, small lips, weak jawline, hamster cheeks or whatever a perfect combination for a female or male.
Yes, it's not like you can't find anything else beautiful but let's just generalize today and focus on what you think is the MOST beautiful.

Guys describe the ideal female face and Girls describe the ideal male face.

For me it is of course:
¬Sharp small eyes
¬Thick arched eyebrows
¬Slender nose, wide nostrils
-medium lips
-broad forehead
-high cheekbones
-straight teeth with long canines
-angular jawline 💓
-broad chin
-blue eyes
-tan skincolor
-semi long hair (up neck of course)
-clean shavenWhat do you perceive as the ideal face??


Most Helpful Guy

  • Features I like:
    - Straight hair
    - Almond-shaped eyes
    - smallish, stub-noses (the ones that point slightly upwards)
    - Full lips
    - Pretty teeth
    - A roundish face
    - weak jawline (no high jawbones)
    - Skin color: anything is fine as long as it's natural. I don't like tans, even if they're the result of normal sun exposure. I also don't like artificial whitening. I'm particularly attracted to East Asian girls but I will like you whether you're African American, Taiwanese, Chilean or Icelandic, as long as you stick to what nature gave you and you're proud of it.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Anything symmetrical

    That's been proven scientifically

    • Of course, but add more details to it 😂. I need answers for a research. Like do you like big eyes on a male? or do you like a wide nose? etc etc

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What Guys Said 4

  • The actress who played Gisella in The Last Kingdom has such a beautiful and symmetric face. I really like it. I really like Emma Watson's face as well.

  • Hm, for me it changes. One minute I like one face type, the next I like a different type.

    • Well that's why I said generalized 😂. Two weeks ago I was into ginger pale skinned guys, another time for the brown eyed blonde haired, but I noticed that what I described up is always the type guy I go back to and admire. That type catches my attention long term and I've noticed it that most guys I think are very attractive have at least many of the features.

  • That dude has some dick sucking lips

  • OMG that dude is so hot Moroccangirl

    I'm gay now


What Girls Said 1

  • What you described 👌🏼🙌🏻


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