Who is the prettiest among them?

I will tell later who they are. For those who already know, shhhh! Don't say anything right now! I will eventually share why I asked this.
  • Who is the prettiest among them?Jannatul Nayeem Avril
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  • Who is the prettiest among them? Jessia Islam
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  • Who is the prettiest among them?Jannatul Sumaiya Heme
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This will partially answer what I was talking about www.girlsaskguys.com/.../a49473-miss-bangladesh-controversy-part-1
I accidentally made the Opinions open only for girls and I'm so sorry about it. I hope this gets fixed. www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q2697700-i-messed-up-in-my-last-mytake-what-to-do Again I'm really sorry. You can rather post your opinion in that question or overall opinion once I post Part 2.


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  • I thinks the third woman is the prettiest one of them. She's cute and feminine. She also looks a bit more natural than the second one. The first one isn't my cup of tea. She is more on the okay side. But I wouldn't say these pictures is hundred percent fair to judge by since the second and third women is dressed very well with makeup, hair styling etc. The first woman is wearing casual wear, little to no makeup and unkempt hair. It would be more fair if she also was styled.


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