Miss Bangladesh Controversy Part 2

Miss Bangladesh Controversy Part 2

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The Hype about Avril

In my last post, I mentioned how Jannatul Nayeem Avril won her crown. I will mention here what happened afterwards.

The entire social media was on fire from all the outraged people for the corruption in the contest. Angry comments were thrown at the producers one by one on Facebook and YouTube. The official Facebook page of Miss Bangladesh has only a 2 star rating. But it is more of a combination of many 1 stars with a few 4-5 stars.

Miss Bangladesh Controversy Part 2

Note the words: corrupt, cheap. I'm not the only one who's saying this. We're NOT happy about what happened.

Some objections against her include:

1) She cannot speak properly. Her English and even her native language is poor. Poor as in vocabulary and speech style.

2) She looks like a man because of her masculine features. (I say she looks like a drag queen with her freakish brows.)

3) She is not qualified for taking part in Miss World at all.

4) She's overconfident.

While people were outraged about this, we got to know new stuff.

Miss Bangladesh was rather a Mrs. Avril was divorced.

There was a rumor spread that she got married at the age of 16 (aka Child Marriage) however it was later confirmed that this was a hoax. She got married at the age of 23 (now she's 26), and her marriage lasted only two months. How did we know all this? Her wedding video, pictures of her marriage and divorce papers all leaked on the internet, even with details including where and when she got married and who was their lawyer, the location of their lawyer's office. We really don't know who leaked all these and how it got viral so quickly across the internet, but she did look like that she had full consent in the wedding, cause her wedding video was very average. Nothing seemed off about it.

This does NOT break the rule of Miss World however their authorities were still notified about it. And they said that, although she is eligible for the competition as per their rules, she is still suspicious for hiding her marital status and should be dethroned to avoid further controversy.

So this is it. Jannatul Nayeem Avril is no more Miss Bangladesh.

Re-selection of Miss Bangladesh

There was a conference meeting held to select the one to own the crown. The first runner up Jannatul Sumaiya Heme did not join the conference*. But the second runner-up, Jessia Islam was there. And she is the one who is now selected as Miss Bangladesh at last (won't be surprised if not least).

Miss Bangladesh Controversy Part 2

19-year-old Jessia Islam is finally decided to be the one going to China to take part in Miss World. Not that bad considering that when the controversy about Avril was going on, many people suggested that if really not Heme even then there were good competitors and Jessia is one of them. Many of us hoped that this would be fine, but no. People still complained. About what...?

Her damn broken tooth. She has one little tooth gap on the side and everyone is going crazy about it and trolling her for that. I don't get it. Firstly they trolled Avril and now they are trolling Jessia as well?! Fuck this, I'm outta here. Jessia is good enough and all is well in the end.

* Jannatul Sumaiya Heme not joining the conference meeting raised some eyebrows. Did she really not join because she was upset or the conference did not invite her? Do the sponsors have any personal disputes with Heme and/or her family? Did they humiliate her on the grand finale for that reason?

Either way, I'm really sorry for the way Avril, Heme and Jessia all had to suffer so much throughout this contest. I highly condemn it. Lemme quote a YouTuber: What's with all these drama with Miss Bangladesh? Don't send them to beauty pageant you rather send them to some international drama theatre they would do so much better there. You all did nothing but circus by bringing in these married, divorced and crooked teeth women.

Miss Bangladesh Controversy Part 2

I'm sorry, Jannatul Sumaiya Heme for being so badly humiliated on TV like that. You clearly deserved more respect. Jannayul Nayeem Avril, despite the trolls, in the end you also did not deserve having your private life information leaked out like this. And last of all, Jessia seriously needs to be treated better than being trolled for the little imperfection that everyone has. All the best of luck to you on the big stage.

My personal opinion? Seriously, Heme was really the best. All these drama shouldn't have happened in the first place.

Thanks for reading this myTake till the end! You're awesome. <3

Here is one small interview of Miss Bangladesh 2007, giving her opinion on this incident this year. She's awesome. www.thedailystar.net/showbiz/cover-story/miss-world-bangladesh-2017-jannatul-ferdous-peya-talks-about-what-happens-behind-the-curtains-1475950?amp

Miss Bangladesh Controversy Part 2
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