Will I ever stop being called cute and everyone's "baby" and start being called sexy?

I'm 5.3, so I'm kind of small and I'm really slim. so I'm petite. All my friends tell me I'm the cutest thing they have every seen because of my cute features and small size. and I sometimes say silly things.

guys just wants to pick me up and hug me and constantly give me piggy back rides and carry me about! and sit me on their lap and awhh at me all the time.

and I love my friends but its getting quite annoying as I am a second year university student NOT A BABY!

i was with a guy who found me cute but sexy at the same time but that's only because he got to know me a little more if you know what I mean lol.

and when I meet a new guy I don't want them to call me cute and look over to another girl that they can easily get into bed with!

I'm not ugly, I don't have much confidence but I try to believe in my self to keep me strong. but its so hard to find a guy that REALLY likes me at uni. I'm just the cute friend to them that they love to cuddle and pick up!

its driving me crazy! WHAT CAN I DO?


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  • Perhaps you should start with declining the piggy back rides and allowing yourself to be carried around. If you don't want to be seen as kid, stop letting people treat you like one.

    For the record, I think small, petite women can be very sexy. And if I think that, then there has to be other guys out there who agree with me. Keep your chin up.

    • I completely aggree with the whole comment, your not are not alone eshore

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  • speak up... tell everyone you don't like that anymore... you will find that the friends worth keeping are the ones that will respect you enough not to do that if you don't want them to. besides dressing up like a tramp some people are just not going to quit and those people you should not even bother with..

  • 8 times out of 10 cute is better than sexy.

  • You sound cute.

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    • Cute for me is better than sexy. Sexy to me means high maintenance, lots of cash and headaches. Cute I can go out with, spend time with, have fun with and just be myself.

    • Last time I checked sexy just means goodlooking in sexual way

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