Maturity level of a 24 year old male?

I started talking to a 24 year old guy a few weeks ago. I'm sorta starting to like him, but I'm just wondering how mature he might be since I'm a few years older and that simple fact is making me wonder if I should even pursue anything with him. I'm not into playing around and I'm not really sure what he's about since we haven't been talking for very long. Just wondering what you guys out there were like at 24? Any input from girls about 24 year olds would help too.



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  • maturity is not a gender thing. A person maturity results around the social and environment that they live in. Which goes from location to family and friends. Two people born from the same family could have one person be really mature and the other very immature. Chances are the people they hang around are different. When it comes to friends... One can be very mature and the other very immature... based on the kind of family they are surrounded with. It varies from person to person and many many many factors result in a person being mature or not. If age is a factor then it would be an extremely small factor. Usually when an immature person goes from immature to mature is because something has affected the way they think and are changing it because of their new outlook. Which would have to do with the environment they are in, not age.

    Now, I know this is over a year old. But this extra tid-bit of knowledge can't hurt any. Also, if anyone else happens to stumble across this question, the will have one more answer to consider. :)


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  • I would hope that you would realize that age has nothing to do with maturity. There's a very weak correlation there. I'm 22 and a helluva lot more mature than some 45 year olds that I know. I was more mature than most 24 year olds at age 14. On average 24 year olds are in a transition from that early 20's party and casual sex phase to their late 20's starting to settle down phase. However that's a generality, and your guy may be anywhere from just starting his party phase to completely settled down and ready for a relationship. Your answer will come from him and him alone.

  • You can't really slap an age on to maturity. Some people never grow up, and others develop at a much faster rate due to life experiences or sometimes it's just their personality. Your best bet is to date him, see how you like him, judge him like that and not from his age. If he's not mature enough for you then you know that for sure now and you aren't passing up on something that could have been great. If you still like him after a few dates, well then enjoy =).

  • I'm 20, but I've heard a lot of girls complain that guys my age and close to it just aren't mature enough to have a solid relationship with. The truth is guys in the age category just flat out want casual sex and short term relationships. For me I want something long term and would like to start building that now for the future. I'm not patting myself on the back, but guys with my mindset are 1 out of every 20 guys my age and close to it to be*t almost any age, the more I hear guys talk about girls when it's just the "guys" around the more I understand how hard it is for girls to find a nice genuine guy.

  • How ironic.

    A girl who think she is mature for automatically for pre-judging someone she doesn't even know as being immature and not even given him a chance. Way to go!

    Granted, majority people think that the trend of males being less mature than females. In some way many men are. I have don't really hang around guys that much for this reason.

    Even if nothing comes out of it...the only way you'll find out if the stereotype holds true is if you date him. You'll also discover more about yourself. This is the whole point of dating. Dating is testing waters, seeing if you're compatible, what excites you, and what doesn't. While you make it sound like marriage, you can leave at anytime.

    I believe that women tend to be less mature than men since much is given to them for granted--statements like these go about proving it.

    I'm 22.

    • And what is it that you're doing? Pre-judging?

      I'm asking for a reason.

    • 100% this

  • Years from birth have NOTHING to do with maturity level. Trust me, I have encountered hundreds of people who are old enough to be my father who I would not trust a gold fish with.


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