Help with FWB etiquette

I've recently got a FWB but I've never had one before so I need to know what to expect.

The last time I saw him he walked me to the train station the next day and kissed me goodbye, is that normal? Should I expect a kiss as a greeting next time I see him?

And last time I wore nice (but kinda normal) silky push-up bra and matching knickers. But how much is too much for lingerie? If I added hold-ups is that still okay, or too much? And stuff like corsets or peep hole is definitely too much, right?

Thanks for your help guys, and If you think of any other unwritten rules of FWB feel free to add them


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  • There are no rules or "etiquette" for FWB... just follow what you (and your friend) think is appropriate and have fun.

    If you want to wear skimpy lingerie then feel free to, I'm sure your friend will not be complaining one bit.

    As for him walking you to your train, not all FWB do that but that certainly doesn't mean it's not allowed.


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