Guy giving me bedroom eyes?

The guy and I are acquaintances sometimes he helps me with work. So when I am doing my work I look up to see him occasionally glancing at me, while he's helping others. We make eye contact. I return to my work and then see him working with a student at the table in front of mines. The kid he is assisting is solving a problem, so the guy starts looking around. While I am doing my work, I can see the guy making bedroom eyes at me for the longest time(8 seconds). After he stops because I am not looking directly at him. That guy always does this! He stands very close to me and he keeps the longest eye contact with me. I always end the staring contest.

My question is why the bedroom eyes? What does a guy looking at you with bedroom eyes mean? You know, the squinting deep lustful eyes. It reminds you of a cat.


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  • He's eye f***ing you.


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