Boyfriend I'm dating says he's attracted to blondes but dates brunettes. What to do?

Hi I've been dating my boyfriend for a couple of years now and he recently informed me that he has always been attracted to blondes but dates brunettes. Why would he say that to me if I'm a brunette? It is true everyone he has dated has been brunette and he has never dated a blond. Should I change my hair color? But more importantly why would this man who tells me often that I'm everything he wants and needs imply he wants me to change? Then when I asked him about changing my haircolor he got pissed off. "Don't you dare do that!" then he changed the subject.What should I do just change my hair high lifted. It's more of a light brown I've been blond (long ago and he never knew that) and it was simple with highlights (jen Aniston).

Update I am completely blond and he loves it in private but doesn't like all the male attention combo'd with my 34 d's. I guess sometimes what people want isn't really what they want.I appreciated all your advice. Thanks!


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  • Guys say stupid things sometimes, that they don't even really mean.

    I seriously doubt his comment had any big real importance, so what you should go ahead and do is completely IGNORE that he said that.

    Do not change your hair color because of him, just because of what he said.

    Besides, just because he's attracted to blondes, doesn't mean he isn't attracted to brunettes. So really, it was just one of those dumb comments guys say sometimes that have no real importance to them, and they often don't realize the impact it will actually have on you.

    • I hope that's true. I mean he's really on a scale of 1-10 a 4 at best. I would never tell him that, ever. I love him for so many other qualities. It made me feel like if a blond comes along then I'm taking that opportunity. The ultimate once in a lifetime chance. In real life I am only an 8 now not because of face or body but age. I mean what's he gonna start to say when I get older? I guess his comment was stupid and shallow. I know I played it off but it does sting.

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  • Imagine for a minute that it was you who said you're attracted to blond guys but always date brunettes. Would you want your boyfriend to react by wondering if he should change his hair color for you to make you happy and to make sure you like him?

    • I'm sorry I don't understand your response.Maybe you're right and he does want me to change my hair color. Why would he say it? I'm trying to figure out if I should color my hair to make my man happy because he says he's attracted to blondes but only dates brunettes. So is he or isn't he attracted to brunettes. He won't answer that.

    • What I'm asking is what if the shoe was on the other foot?

      Anyways, don't change your hair color. Be yourself and be who you are. Don't try to be someone you're not in order to be what you think it is he wants. Chances are your perception is mistaken. And if you don't relax and be yourself, you will come across as phony and fake, and you'll be unhappy anyways.

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  • you've been together a long time. if you we to change then you wouldn't be the girl he fell in love with. he just said that. because he just wanted to share that with you he trust you enough to tell you something a complicated as that. just look at this and see it as a step towards trusting you with personal feeling a little more. if you want you can get a wig just for the fun of it and see his reaction. he loves you enough to accept you the way you are be happy most guys wouldn't.

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