Why do girls adjust their hair when I look into their eyes?

i notice that whenever any girl is approaching me(even while on streets)...and I look into her eyes she'll do these things:-

she also looks into my eyes for a second, then looks somewhere else...lifts her left hand and moves it from above her right ear to 'Adjust' her hairs...and then again looks back to me!

so what this behavior is called? why do girls do it? & is it the only moment they find to adjust hairs? or it's like they want to show me more of their beautiful faces?

and just for your info that there's nothing wrong with my face...i look quite handsome but I just can't resist giggling when a girl does this in front of me!


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  • I studied body language as part of a college course and whilst most assume a girl touching or playing with her hair is them flirting it is actually a lot of the time a subconscious self comforting gesture, showing that they are feeling shy/ self concious/ nervous, if the girl looks at you holds eye contact for longer than a few seconds looks away looks back and smiles she is flirting, this however sounds more like a show of feeling self concious

    • appreciate your answer!

    • do you smile when you look at them ? a smile is less disconcerting than just looking, if you look at them and smile and they smile back then look away and look back then you have definitely got there attention :) in a good way ;)

    • kewl...!

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  • It might have to do with feeling self-conscious. If I notice someone looking at me, I might brush my hair aside because 1) I'm worried about whether I look okay; or 2) I'm thinking, "Ack, someone's looking at me! Quick, act natural!" and don't really know what to do with myself.

    • so is it a kind of shyness?

  • cause they is saying wow, he's looking at me, oooo crap does my hair look a mess, sh*t...er...just ruffle it up to look like its meant to be like that, or just ruffle it so he doesn't notice...ekkk.

    It's a flirting technic, experts call it preening, making yourself look more irrestistable then you already are. Men do it to you know.

  • The adjusting their hair could have two reasons 1) nervous reaction - you make them self concious or 2) they're showing off their hair to flirt. The hair adjusting could be totally unconscious but - unconscious action or not - looking back at you is definitely them flirting... well, probably perhaps not definitely.

  • its a nervous reaction you are making them feel self concious

    • how? I don't mock them...!

    • you might not be mocking them but they are aware a complete stranger is staring at them for longer than a glance as they walk down the street they are thinking why is he staring at me is there a booger on my face? is my hair a mess? what the hell is he looking at? its a reaction, your stare is making them feel self concious.

    • ohh...well...what m I supposed to do/say then?(just in case if it's a familiar face)

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