Why do girls give other girls dirty looks?

I went to this dinner thing at my college or whatever. && I sat at a table with my friends&& some other familiar people, and then her. Instantly she would give me dirty looks, && frowns at me whenever I smiled or laughed. I don't even know the girl and even when I wasn't looking at her she would just glare at me. Its like she was acting as if she was better than me or something.

Im already self conscious as it is. Its a problem because this is exactly the reason why I don't go anywhere because I already have low self confidence as it is.

But I don't understand. Why do us girls do this to each other?


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  • I literally have NO idea. I think guys do it too but to other guys.

    It confuses me. I also don't get it when a girl keeps bad mouthing a person she barely knows. When people who talk like that ask me for affirmation, I just make a non-committal grunt.

  • jealousy ! some girls are bitchy and nasty to other girls and it is usually because they are jealous of the other girls popularity or looks or because the other girl looks happier than she is, sometimes this makes them bitchy, giving dirty looks to someone they hardly know is a perfect example, she was trying to make you feel self concious and bad, or maybe some boy she likes was looking at you or talking to you ? I don't know I wasn't there but jealousy is usually the cause of that sort of behaviour

    • ps don't let people like that get to you, just look them straight in the eye and smile sweetly, keep doing that it every time you catch them looking confuses the hell out of them

    • spot on.. that's true.. I get it all the time as well from girls.. they are jealous that you are way prettier, confident or that you get guys attention more than them. like linz said if they give you a dirty or a glare give them a dirty look right back and keep piercing them with that look until they look away I do it all the time... even with guys sometimes

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