What does it mean when a girl brags to you??

Well there was this girl that I worked with and she constantly bragged about how good-looking she was. She always told me about all these guys that hit on her when she was at work and how customers always say she is good looking. She is more outgoing then me. . . but is she just saying these things to me because she thinks I look better and wants to prove that she is better. I don't think she is anything really special, she is a lot more shorter than me and I am not ugly either. I just don't make myself appear soooo beautiful like she does. I almost think that girls that are more outgoing it makes them look more beautiful, but I really don't see what is so special about her. Why does she get all the attention? And why does she brag about it to me afterwards?Why would I care? I am a nice looking person too? But I don't get special attention. Why?


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  • I had a "friend" who did that in high school. Turns out she made up half the stuff she bragged about. I think maybe she is threatened by you, and wants to make you feel insecure or at least "know" that she is good looking too.