Do guys notice armpit flab?

The question is above.

If you don't know what I mean by 'armpit flab' it's the little fat pocket underneath the armpit / sort of beside a girls boobs. I find mine to be really noticeable in tank tops or strapless dresses, so do guys (or other girls) notice this?

PS - I am not fat, its not that its really noticeable, its just one of those things I always pick apart on myself and I want to know whether I should or not.


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  • Some guys will notice. Others won't. Some guys will care. Others won't.

    All guys are different, and you can't generalize in this way. We have no decent way of answering your question, as we have no way of knowing how much armpit flab we're talking about. You may be exagerating because you think about it a lot.

    I'm sorry I can't help, but there's really no definite answer to your question.


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  • Way back on Idol, I did notice Paula Abdul with those.

    I thought it's because her dress was too tight.

    Don't notice after a while.

    Just looked at her face.

  • nah we are too focused on boobs and a** but armpit hair would be a different story haha

  • i notice everything on a girl, but depending on how much or how little you have, I doubt many guys would care.


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