Do men notice the shape/look of a woman's neck?

Just curious, since I heard a guy friend comment on how this one actress having a hot body, but old looking neck (even clavicle). I wanted to know if many guys notice... I sure as hell don't ha ha


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  • I definitely notice when a pretty girl has her hair fixed up, her neck can be exquisite.

    Things that make a girl's neck attractive are the taper from her shoulders to her ears, whether its a gradual rounded and smooth taper not clunky. A noticeable v shape in front can be a turn on as well.

    Small peach fuzz under on the back of the neck can be sexy.

    So yeah some of us notice. I think it might have some level of primitiveness to it as well, like it shows submission and vulnerability if a girl has her hair up exposing her most vital weakness, her neck.

    • makes sense, from an artist's perspective I can see how beautiful an exposed & elegant neck can be (some famous paintings like that).

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  • A neck is the next thing we look at from your face. So, yeah. I know I do. Thin, "defined" necks appeal to me more.

  • I'd don't pay attention to that but I would notice eventually if I saw the woman a lot.


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