Is being called hot better than being called cute, or are they separate but equal?

when guys talk about my looks they call me cute or pretty. when they talk about my best friend they call her hot or sexy.

i always thought hot and sexy was more of a compliment and was a step above cute and pretty.

guys will tell me I look cute and then turn around and call my friend hot, and then keep talking to my friend. she's the one who gets all the dates, too.


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  • Separate but equal. Most guys don't expect it but if you can pull off the cute look and sexy look on different days depending on your mood and dress it will drive guys crazy. That being said some guys go more for cute and others more for sexy. The definitions of cute and sexy also vary from guy to guy so really you should just be adventurous but still within your own comfort zone because you want us to like you for you don't you?

    • really why? I do change my clothing style a bit depending on my mood. some days I just feel "cute" and wear dresses and ballerinas. others I feel sexy and I wear miniskirts with tights and heels...

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  • Lemme put it this way.

    Cute: You're adorable and highly desirable. I could care for you just by giving you a glance. Given the chance we may have a future or have one awesome friendship.

    Hot: I want to f*** you.

    • does that mean cute girls aren't attractive sexually? would you not want to have sex with a cute girl? or is it a lack of a sexual vibe?

    • Oh no, no, no, no. You're twisting my words. Cute is very attractive - but also something you find desirable personally and you don't want to cross the boundaries between friend and relations if you can't go back. Hot on the other hand... It's all about the "get it done".

    • What he said

  • I think its different for genders

    when a guy calls a girl cute, it usually means desirable, good looking, attractive

    but when a girl calls a guy cute, it usually means your not ugly, but your not good looking either

  • For me cute is better than hot. It's different for everyone.


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  • It depends on what kind of guy you want and what the guy is looking for. Men who call a woman 'hot' or 'sexy' are more sexual and can be meatheads. A man who calls you cute, pretty, or beautiful tends to be more sensitive to you and your needs. Don't be offended if you don't get all the dates. It's better to wait for the right guy you really want than ask for 100 dates of men you don't care much about beyond looks.


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