I fear overdressing at college?

I’m starting college in a few days and I have a fear that I might overdress because I heard that most people wear jeans and a tee or leggings and a hoodie. I on the other hand, like to dress up but I don’t know if the way I dress would be considered overdressed or make it look like I’m trying too hard. I’ll give a summary of the kinds of outfits I normally wear:
-Basic solid coloured tee or turtleneck tucked into straight leg jeans, heeled doc martens, matching belt, and matching jewelry (a necklace or bracelet)
-tight fitted solid top (not revealing) with soft pants/paper bag style/palazzo pants, and neutral block heels (small heel) or leather sneakers, and maybe some dainty jewellery
-dressier top or blouse with jeans/jeggings, and Chelsea boots

I don’t overdo my makeup or hair, I just keep my hair in its natural wave, and for makeup I just wear tinted moisturizer, blush, brow pencil, mascara, tinted lip balm, and maybe some thin eyeliner.

Does my style seem too over the top for college?
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I fear overdressing at college?
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