Getting a girl to go barefoot?

I have something of a foot fetish. Well, that's an understatement -- I'll look at a girl's feet instead of her breasts. Barefoot girls are my favourite thing. Right up there with Mexican food. They're that hot.

Funny thing is it actually makes life simpler. Except with my current gf. She wears shoes everywhere. The closest she'll get to being footloose and fancy-free is flip-flops in the middle of summer. And she has sexy feet. Dammit.

She knows my preferences and thinks they're funny -- understandable I guess -- but not weighty enough to change her habits. We're in a surfside town, and some of the girls around us are shoeless all year, so as you can imagine I'm pretty frustrated.

So question is, how can I get her to relax and take off her shoes? I don't want to get pushy, because that would just be ridiculous. "Be barefoot woman! It's vitally important!" Yah, stupid. I have to try and persuade her somehow.

So girls, what would make you kick off your shoes for long stretches of time? I'm talking about everyday life -- going to the shops, seeing a movie, that kind of thing.

Are there any fellas who've persuaded their girls to do this?

I live in hope.
Getting a girl to go barefoot?
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