Getting a girl to go barefoot?

I have something of a foot fetish. Well, that's an understatement -- I'll look at a girl's feet instead of her breasts. Barefoot girls are my favourite thing. Right up there with Mexican food. They're that hot.

Funny thing is it actually makes life simpler. Except with my current gf. She wears shoes everywhere. The closest she'll get to being footloose and fancy-free is flip-flops in the middle of summer. And she has sexy feet. Dammit.

She knows my preferences and thinks they're funny -- understandable I guess -- but not weighty enough to change her habits. We're in a surfside town, and some of the girls around us are shoeless all year, so as you can imagine I'm pretty frustrated.

So question is, how can I get her to relax and take off her shoes? I don't want to get pushy, because that would just be ridiculous. "Be barefoot woman! It's vitally important!" Yah, stupid. I have to try and persuade her somehow.

So girls, what would make you kick off your shoes for long stretches of time? I'm talking about everyday life -- going to the shops, seeing a movie, that kind of thing.

Are there any fellas who've persuaded their girls to do this?

I live in hope.


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  • Just tell her that you know it's weird, but it would really mean a lot for you, and you'd be really appreciative if she'd do it. If my Boyfriend said this, I'd probably do it. I mean, there's really no reason not to.

    Well, the floor in movie theaters is *really* gross, and lots of stores make you wear shoes, so maybe I'd end up in flip-flops or something a lot of the time in public. Is that such a bad compromise?

    Anyway, if she's not sure, just ask her to do it once with you, then make sure to give her attention and make her feel good that day. Every guy has weird little things, so it's not that big a deal to do something. Tell her that you'll do her a favor sometime if she asks.

    Don't command her, but it *is* important to you. Make sure she knows this. Also, don't be too serious when you ask her. Instead, be fun and playful about it, and make her feel sexy.

    You're not gonna convince her to do it for herself, so I'd give up on that. But I bet she'll do it for you. I would. (Not that I'm offering!)

    • Yeah, fun and playful is my forte. Probably the best angle to take. It's pretty odd so making it funny can't be too hard. Flip-flops kinda spoil the magic, though. It's something about being in touch with the Earth. Yes, I'm bent that way :)

      Good news is that in my part of the world people go barefoot everywhere -- stores, cafes and whatever won't throw you out if you're barefoot. (Different gross threshold, I guess!) So some of the hard work's done. Making her feel sexy; no worries there!

    • Well, I don't know where you live, but I've never been in a movie theater where I would want to walk on the floors barefoot. But otherwise I'd be cool with it. I'm not crazy about shoes..

      Maybe she doesn't like her feet. I know a few girls who are really self-conscious about their feet. Whatever it is, I think you can probably get her over it. I really think you get her to do it once or twice and make her feel really appreciated... then she'll be barefoot & pregnant in no time! (just kidding :-)

    • You were pretty wise about this, thanks :)

      I wonder how many girls are like you -- happy to kick off their shoes but only for someone else?

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  • maybe aske her to start small like whne your at the beach or at home, maybe being barefoot is embarrassing to her, do you tell her she has beautiful feet? but don't start too big the store and movies may be a little much! My Fiance started small, and now I hate to wear shoes! when before I would never take them off in front of him mostly because I thought I had ugly feet! But he made feel like they were beautiful, and he only asked occasionally not all the time, so I finally gave in, and barely ever ear shoes now and my shoe wearing days were just 10 months ago!

    • Sounds like a good approach! Your fiance is a lucky guy. (But so am I :)

  • i don't know, I LOVE going barefoot and all. I hate shoes. But going to the movies and stuff. Well, I mean , I would wear flip flops there and then take them off if my boyfriend really wanted. or naturally for me take them off cause I don't like shoes. but if you really want her to, YOU take off your shoes and then say something like come on, be adventurous or idk. Then run around with her like crazy people barefoot all over the place. If you get her to do this once, say isn't that fun. then maybe she'll see it is fun and do it more oftne. But I say if the girl wants to wear shoes, let her! sorry but girls don't take off their shirts so guys can look at their boobs in public (mostly) , why should she take off her shoes for you in public?

    • Yep, there's no real reason why she should, that's why it'll be tricky to persuade her! Thanks for your ideas, though -- I'll (gently) give them a go :)

  • First, you can't be too weird, because my boyfriend is the same way ;)

    He asked me to go places without shoes a few times and finally I made a deal with him. I told him I would go barefoot anywhere he wanted but he had to go barefoot too. I didn't think he would do it but he was out of his shoes and socks in 5 seconds and said "Let's go!" and we went to the mall. And I have to admit it was fun because we felt like we were getting away with something. I really thought we would get kicked out but no one said anything. But we did get a lot of funny looks.

    Would you be willing to go barefoot in public to get her to do the same? You can email me if you want more girl advice. imthatkindagirl2003 at yahoo dot com.


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  • To each their own really. I don't think feet look all that attractive though. This one girl wanted me to give her a foot massage and her foot was as hairy as a hobbit's.

    Plus women love shoes. It's good too because guys just wear like one pair a day and they stink to high heaven. Maybe women are onto something there.

    A person can get infections and stuff by stepping on rocks that break the skin and even pine needles. If the person is diabetic, a foot injury could lead to amputation.

    And maybe that foot fetish might lead to wanting a foot job. (like a hand job but you get the picture)

    You found a niche in the market dude. Perhaps you should work in a shoe store but if you told your girlfriend about your feetish (he he) then she might think you were cheating by watching other feet.

  • I'd just drop hints that she's overdressed. Or offer to give her feet a nice massage. And don't beat yourself up over having a so-called fetish...psychiatrists only call a thing a fetish if it interferes with normal sexual relations. A man with an honest to God foot fetish would rather jack off on a girl's feet than have sex. You don't sound like you're in that category!

  • i don't know, go swimming, or go to a beach I guess