Why is my head & eyes so tired, but my body is energized?

My head, eyes, face are all so tired, but my body isn't. Is there a reason?


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  • Have you been studying/reading/thinking a lot? There are lots of tiny muscles in your face, head, and neck that are in constant use for all the little head, neck, and eye movements you make during those times and they certainly do get worn out. It could also be discomfort from sleeping wrong. Also, your eyes can get even more worn out than the rest because there are separate muscles in your eyes whose job it is to bend the little lens inside your eye ball to accommodate for text distance from your face, large/small font size, etc...

    • Thats funny, I was just about to put "Your thinking to much!"

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    • That will be $10,000. I take Visa.

    • Hahaha, put it on my tab! ;op

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  • I had the same thing the other day, it was like I wanted to close my eyes and go to sleep, but also go out and play basketball. It was kinda weird.

  • I saw this question lol, but anyway, have you seen your eye doctor yet?

  • no more coffee for u...


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