What does it mean when a guy looks at you on the sides of his eyes but doesn't turn his whole body around?

2. what does it mean when you feel like a guy likes you but ignores you but talks to your friend? not a serious convorsation though.

3.what does it mean when a guy stares but never makes a move...even though his much older.

4. if a guy does like a girl will he stares just because the girl is staring? or is it because he finds some interest. Expecially when he stares when she's not looking and when she does look he even stares harder..

Sorry I asked mad questino:-)


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  • 1) It could mean that he is not looking at you, but you think he is. It could mean that he feels you looking at him.

    2) It could mean he met your friend before he met you, and that he is friends with her. He may not know you or know you well so he does not talk to you. If you would like to talk to him, then start talking to him, don't wait for him to start talking to you.

    3) This means he is probably slightly physically attracted but you have shown him nothing personality wise that interests him. If he is much older, he is most likely more experienced and mature and is looking for much more in a relationship then young guys that just want to get laid a few times. He demands more and the reality is that most young girls are more trouble than they are worth. So many of them are undeveloped relationship wise, they run at the first sign of trouble, many play so many games, etc. etc. ect. If you like him, you are going to have to show him you are worth his time.

    4) How do you know he is staring when she is not looking? I notice when girls do the peripheral vision stare, or the sideways look in the bag stare, or the through the locks of hair stare. You girls are not as slick as you think you are.

    He is most likely catching her staring at him. He is perfectly aware that she is interested, but needs to know more about her before he is interested and willing to make a move. I explained this in one of my posts. It was my first post on this account and it got a rose. Should be easy to find.


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  • oh the same thing is happening my friend right now,

    I think the guy likes you but is to afraid to do something. Maybe he want to know first

    if you are interested. He is talking to your friend so he can get closer to you but is to shy to talk to

    u. Even though he is older it doesn't make him less shy. Try to ask him what he wants from you ^^

    • Thanks:) one more question do you think a guy needs to show attraction signs EVERYDAy to show they like you, or will that be creepy?

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    • Well from a mans perspective, I ignore girls that I know like me, not as an active or devious thing, but as in I just have my mind on other things. I have my own life, I have things to do, and realistically there are 50 other beautiful girls just like the one I might ignore that are vying for my attention. If you sit back and wait for me to come to you it may not ever happen.

    • There is always a more beautiful girl physically out there that might grab my attention. Girls that carry themselves well, have some confidence, and are assertive usually end up in convo's. Weeding through the girls that have good looks and show interest to the girls with intelligence and good conversation skills, down to the really interesting ones which I have great chemistry with is how I do it. If you sit on the sidelines, then you don't get to play.

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