What did he mean by "you look sensual"?

then he added "if I could say that..." I smiled, wondering to myself what the heck he meant by that...i mean, I would describe a massage sensual, but a person...? and how's it different from, say, "you look lovely" or "you look good"...?


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  • Really? Has it gotten to this point now, where a grown woman has to ask what a guy meant when he said she looked sensual?

    How can women possibly claim that they don't understand guys? He spoke clearly, and in English. And the meaning is not ambiguous, unless you don't actually know what sensual means. In which case, use a dictionary and don't let on to people that your knowledge of English is so p*ss poor.


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  • link

    Means you looked good and he wanted to do you.

  • i'm thinking you looked heavenly


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