Do guys really mean it when they call girls ugly?

I was just wondering about that. Since I have a low self esteem I don't know if they're kidding or not.

Like there's this guy who I don't like very much fight all the time and he calls me ugly ALWAYS! Like every time I see him he's like you're ugly.

And then there is my guy friend and sometimes he calls me ugly too.

And of course we have my crush LOL! Who have also called me ugly like 3 times.

Like they say it jokingly I suppose but I don't know I feel like they mean it.


Most Helpful Girl

  • IDK. Sometimes guys really do think the girl is ugly.

    But I've been called by ugly by guys and then had those same guys follow me around and constantly try to be around me too. It's like they wanted my attention and went out of their way for it? I don't know if they were just assholes who were covering up their true attraction or if they really act this way to girls they think are ugly?

    Either way, don't put up with it. Regardless of what we think their intentions behind calling you ugly are...THEY ARE STILL DISRESPECTING YOU BY CALLING YOU UGLY! It isn't nice, it's rude and you don't do that to someone. So stop talking to these guys if they can't treat you with respect. You teach people how to treat you by the kinds of things you tolerate. I would either make a snippy comment back before I proceeded to ignore him, or just ignore him without speaking. If he apologizes then he's not that bad and may have the stupid idea that you should insult girls you are interested in, but if he doesn't then he probably wasn't kidding.

    Guys who do this are immature and not dating material though, so if you do find that he's a decent guy, I wouldn't date him right away, he'd need to mature first.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Its the same thing as tugging your hair and running away back in kindergarten. They're just dumb boys who feel all mushy being around a pretty girl like yourself.

    Now, you could get back at them by calling them: "Oh you little products of incest! heehee!" and it might shut em up.

  • I wouldn't ever call a girl ugly and mean it. I bet your really pretty. So be happy.


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  • that's so mean! I would show them how upset I was by not talking to them for a while lol maybe you're just so pretty that they know you are used to hearing about how pretty you are and they think they are being "cool" or "different" lol by teasing you this way...maybe they think they will stand out to you by acting like this.


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