What's your opinion on pretty privilege?

I've noticed people on here mention pretty privilege. Personally, I would say I've benefitted from pretty privilege. I've never really had to fight for people's attention, and in general, I've had people be usually very nice to me. I always just believed it was becuase of my manners in a sense. I usually try my best to be friendly. However, when a few friends and I experimented, we found out a few things, namely:

1. Even though I am a Black woman and one of the darker sides at that, I still did better than my friends on dating apps, even though we all used similar pictures.

2. When we went to a bar while I was in Europe, I found men were more attracted to me than my friends (maybe it had something to do with my oddly coloured hair... I don't know)

3. People were more surprised at the idea that I was actually intelligent and interested in "geeky" things, even though I had explained I had a decent comic collection and I was a fan of gaming.
I even really thought of myself as attractive, even though I was told I am, but I realized it when a friend asked me earlier this year while we at a club to go to a different section. I asked her why and she replied that she liked a certain guy, but she was nervous he would be interested in me than her.
After that, I guess I do realize I somewhat benefit from pretty privilege or that I have the pretty privilege.

However, I have two questions: How do you classify someone as pretty? And Two, what do you think pretty privilege is like?
What's your opinion on pretty privilege?
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