Ladies, have you ever done a "Vampire Facial"? What are your thoughts on them?

A "Vampire Facial" is when you use your own period blood as a face mask... Yeah, I shivered and got nauseous when I heard this first, still do thinking about it, BUT after some research it sounds like something that could help hormonal acne & help your skin look younger...
I was looking up how to rid myself of my hormonal acnes during this horrible week, and came across several articles regarding "Vampire Facials", according to the articles, period blood holds Stem Cells that could rejuvenate and heal the skin, along with clearing up the acne that forms. It suggested using a menstrual cup over tampons or pads because of the added chemicals when you wring out a tampon or pad...
Testimonials along with before & after photos say & suggest that their skin looks clearer and has a healthy glow to it.
I have also come across articles that say that if you use someone else's blood, the odds of contracting an illness such as HIV is increased. To which I have 3 responses, in order of initial thought; 1. "Well, DUH!" 2. "WHY THE HELL WOULD I WANT SOMEONE ELSE'S PERIOD BLOOD ON MY FACE?" 3. "Is there seriously a market for old period blood that all of us ladies are missing out on?"... I'm feeling nauseous thinking about that...

So, ladies... Have you done it? Would you try it? Why or Why Not? What are your thoughts on the subject?
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Ladies, have you ever done a "Vampire Facial"? What are your thoughts on them?
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