Do guys find "chipmunk cheeks" attractive?

I have "chipmunk cheeks" or chubby cheeks/hamster cheeks etc. They're like round and higher up than normal cheeks. Do guys think this is cute or attractive or is it a turn off?


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  • I think guys would think its cute because most people think chipmunks are cute so why wouldent they think the same about you? :P

    • I couldn't agree more. As men, we want to have sex with chipmunks, marry them and procreate with them, but we can't... so we might as well settle for a girl that looks like a chipmunk... It's a shame, in 2018, our society is so close-minded.

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  • Heh yeah, definitely - chipmunk cheeks are super cute.

    I just looked at your picture to see exactly how chipmunked your cheeks were haha.. and realized 1/2 your face was behind a Monster. But from the 1/2 of your face I can actually see, you definitely don't have anything to worry aboutl :)


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