Morals and values...Does the inside really matter?

it seems like to me that men don't really care about morals and values. aslong as the girl is hot it seems like everyting else doesn't matter. men worship whores. like marilyn monroe to kim kardashian. you can't turn a whore to a house wife. but men try to do that all the time. if there was a girl who wasn't that strong on looks but her heart was like gold. and she was a truly genuine girl. would you still be with her?


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  • Come on, Marilyn Monroe a whore? She's an angel compared to the sluts walking around nowadays. I agree with you on the Kim Kardashian part, but I'd only hit that with a rusty ten foot pole.

    Men want casual sex, that doesn't mean men don't look at the inside. I'd have sex with a hot girl with no personality, but I'd never date her. Most men are the same.

    • she banged the president and his brother...thats a whore in my book!

      i think men don't look at the inside enough.

    • Not in mine.

      And you've been meeting up with the wrong guys.

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  • I think that some people value physical attraction over mental/emotional attraction and if a person was attracted to girl like you described then they probably would stay with her. Men and women who go for the "bad" guys and girls always think that they can change or fix their partner even when their partner has no intention of changing.

  • Not all men are like this, but yes...for the most part men are shallow. But women are just as guilty of the same crime. The whole world is shallow. Tough fact of life.

    • i think men are a little more shallow then women are. like for example lol

      i watch millionare matchmaker and they will have a fatty mc fat fat guy on there and he wants malibu barbie. its like don't look like ken!

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    • I agree with Budro; for every guy who wants a barbie doll, there's a girl who wants a male model :P

      It's not being shallow - it's just having a preference. Naturally everyone will be attracted to those models of idealized human perfection - but everyone has their own unique taste beneath that.

      And there's absolutely nothing wrong with having your attraction standards.

    • but I feel like you should be what you want to attract.

      if you are a 4 don't dismiss girls for being a 4 also. a 4 should not have a preference for somebody who is better looking then them. that's being shallow.

  • Well I don't want a whore or a housewife. Yes the inside matters greatly to me. If a woman is beautiful on the inside it makes her way more beautiful on the outside.

  • Looks attract the man, and personality keeps him. If I have fallen in love with the girl, then I probably would stay.

  • QA, when it comes to negative man-hating users on this site, go come in second or third right after Udolpixie and MzNatalie...I give you 2-3 years before you turn into a complete lesbian


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  • Pssh it goes both ways;

    At our age, most people are just in it for easy gradification - that means morals / standards aren't as important as how hot that person is you hooked up with a few nights ago.

    Us genuine people are always overlooked because we will ultimately make someone bring out the best in themselves - and a lot of people aren't ready for that type of self analysis and reconstruction. It's tooo much work right now lol

    So it's so much easier to just settle for whatever guy is whipping his junk out, or girl cocking her legs open. Who cares about the person they're attached too?

    Anyway, guys ultimately do care about morals / standards - but like most of the youth - those factors aren't taken into greater consideration until later in life. When people have a chance to experience more, learn, and figure out what they really desire in a partner, as well as what they themselves can bring to the table.

    A lot of people like to focus this question around gender - but it's honestly a case of maturity.

    Some people in our youth have it figured out pretty much already, and are typically the one's who get bypassed because we refuse to settle for just anything.

    But humans are incredibly impatient, and want what we want, when we want it. Being told you have to wait sucks -

    However it always seems like sh*t happens first before the good stuff starts rolling in.

    As far as looks - those matter too. Looks / personality are the two major things that play into choosing a partner, for both social, personal, and biological reasons. ( Has to do with the pairing of certain genes to increase immunity, variation etc...I'd go into it more but eh, you get the point :P )

    So don't take it as everyone is incredibly shallow and don't care about standards - there's a lot more to it than what's apparent..

    • i think men are looking for stippers with a heart of gold

    • listen to sweetoness

      thanks swetones for sticking up for us guys

    • @QA Some men are looking for strippers dear -

      People are ultimately looking for an attractive person with a heart of gold; mostly (some people don't want a partner -)

      Yes, men want a beautiful sexy woman with a heart of gold - but don't you want a handsome sexy man with a heart of gold? Keep in mind now, everyone has their different idea of sexy.

      Like I said, it ultimately boils down to maturity in this matter - looks fade, bodies sag, and then people see you for what you really are...

  • As a woman I think all men are different. Guys I know differ in many ways. There's the guy who wants the model type & could care less about her heart or brains. But then there are guys who date the girls not everyone would go for because she is different, sweet, smart etc. Take me for example; I'm a curvy woman with MANY flaws but the guys I have dated have always been athletic and attractive, the last guy I was seeing was perfect to me and I was to him. It's all about the man and how he views things. Beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder. You can't judge the whole gender based on a few.

    • beauty is in the eye of the media

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    • bitch first of all I'm a realist. stop being in denial you know damn well if a woman is being worshiped in the media she is totally opposite of me and wAAAy opposite of you

    • First of all... Bitch gain some confidence. I've been with some great men who don't "worship" women in the media, they worshiped me. Second of all, it's not my fault you've allowed yourself to be brain washed. Third of all... Shut the f*** up and stop pittying yourself trying to get useless answers. Forth of all recongize real woman, men don't pay you any attention because of your attitude.

  • i think we are kind of brain washed by TV and reality shows into thinking that. But I do know there are a lot of guys out there that do truly care more about the inside. I mean, that should be what matters for long term relationships. we're all going to be old and ugly someday. men don't want to have to wake up to an untrustworthy whore every morning. maybe short term but not long term. that's where our 50% divorce rate comes in. relationships won't last long if you don't enjoy the person company and don't trust them or can't have a good conversation with.

    • i agree. but men often marry the ones that they shouldn't because of looks. that's why in the media the relationships don't last that long. like kris humhries didn't know that kim was married before. how in the hell did you not know that. he was so focused on her ass he forgot to really get to know her.

    • oh I know hahah. I can't believe he didn't know. that's pretty sad. especially since he could just google her if he wanted. but hey, I try not to worry about their issues, just remember it's not like that in the real world...and if it is then it ends in divorce. so I much rather stick to my morals and values and get a man that will love me for who I am till I die than to be the chick with the big boobs that sleeps with multiple guys and gets in multiple divorces by the age of 40.

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