Do you think Moral Values pays off?

Has ever morall lessons of school learnt ever came in handy or gave you something of a positive outcome.

For me it has never worked and it made things worse for me for example

Once I was inspired by a lesson Ronnie the rope climber maybe you had even learnt that as well.

Where the MF 🤣 goes to the top of the rope and couldn't touch the end and comes back but it was too high that nobody suspected and thought he touched it and gave him prize 🏆.

But Ronnie being Ronnie told the truth and instead of disqualifying him the judges chose to give him another chance and then he goes like lighting bolt and touches end of the rope and rings some bells.

And the judges give him the trophy 🏆.
I said nice truth triumphs.

Now me

One day I didn't do my home work for a particular subject maybe was in grade 5th then the teacher is coming to every bench and asking for the reason to students who didnot do

Boy 1 I forget the homework at home
Teacher ok.

Boy2 I brought a different book.
Teacher ok
Boy 3 dog ate my book
Teacher ok.

Boy 4 : I didn't do the homework (fck Ronnie) I was like yeah I am honest I will be let go off

Teacher : how dare you say that to me , what do you think of yourself to blantly tell me that you didn't do it where's my stick she couldnt find one.
Then she goes to another class calls my class teacher and tells her see this boy how daring he is to tell me he has not done his home work
Me but I am telling the truth then they take a steel scale and hit my hand.

I was like Ronnie you dumbass 🤣
Do you think Moral Values pays off?
Do you think Moral Values pays off?
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