Describe your type. Does it vary?


—Any race/ethnicity/nationality; preferably lives in the USA

—Talkative, kind, determined, humble, poetic, monogamous, decisive, chivalrous, respectful, hella goofy, a tad corny, and slightly overprotective

—Thick eyebrows with shortcut hair, buzzcut, waves or taper fade, AND little to no facial hair (a goatee if any)

—A God-fearing non smoker who hardly drinks

—Loves a variety of music, is a bit street, and has some kind of rhythm

—Assertive around others but submissive with me (yet dominant in the bedroom)

—Height 5’7-6’3 and 0-3 years age gap

—Preferably a good natural tan with green or hazel eyes and a perfectly imperfect smile (with adorably sharp canines) BUT a pale tone and dark brown eyes are more common so the above is not a must-have

—Slim jims over buff gymfreaks, so I’ll take a birdchest, toned arms and a flat ab-less tummy

—Accents preferably southern cowboy OR SoCal OR California Surfer OR Australian OR New Zealander OR British Indian OR Street/slang (think Memphis, Atlanta, Houston, Biloxi, Charlotte, Birmingham, New Orleans, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Little Rock, southside Chicago, or South LA) OR Spanish speaking bilingual preferably Puerto Rican (though some Cuban, Dominican, Guatemalan, Ecuadorian, Italian, and Salvadoran)

—An artsy, mostly indoorsy, intellectual/handyman/lonewolf who may also be into drawing, skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, or baseball

In terms of what I’ve dated, I can only think of one who didn’t meet the physique, one who was a smoker, and one who was a heavy drinker. Yea, Never again. Also hardly any of my exes met the eye color. Two were exceptions to the height range and age gap. Almost all were indecisive (but working on that bad habit).

My boyfriend is a green-eyed, four-eyed, slim/tall handy intellectual biker loner with a southern accent (but Russian bilingual). Yet he’s pale with stubble, more outdoorsy, indecisive, and too submissive around others.


Describe your type. Does it vary?
Describe your type. Does it vary?
Describe your type. Does it vary?

The accents 😍😩

4 mo
I think what people posted is very reasonable. I don't know why there's always someone who thinks my list is impossible. I have been in relationships with plenty who have met what I want. They just almost always seem to be lacking the “decisive” factor so our timelines for the same things we want in life are often opposite. But my list itself is quite possible and i know if i up my age gap, I could find someone decisive with a similar timeline. Im just too stubborn to give up 25-29yo hotties
Describe your type. Does it vary?
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