Why do girls love to emasculate guys (call them cute)?

It sure doesn't seem to belong in the same category as 'sexy', 'man I can take seriously', 'man who can handle himself', or 'man capable of protecting me.' Babies are cute. Justin Bieber is cute. Fluffy little animals are cute. Small fashion accessories are cute.Guy who can beat the sh*t out of your male enemies - not cute. Guy who's going to make sure you always have food to eat, a good house, warm clothing, and an enjoyable love life - not cute. Guy who's stable and grounded enough to serve as your anchor - not cute. So what I think a girl means when she tells me I'm 'cute' is that she gets a warm, gushy feeling when she looks at me, as she might with a baby. I'd rather get called ugly (not kidding).

Girls, why do you love to emasculate guys? Why do you call them cute?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I think some of the oddest things are cute. Giant turtle monster, sharks, Cthulu. Now when a girl calls you cute she's actually commenting on how you express yourself. We're not going to say it's cute when you punch another person in the face. But we will say that you carefully holding a small animal is cute.

    • And cute to us usually get's interpreted as "you're ood looking but I still won't date you'

    • Even if we're giggly and wear our emotions on our sleeve?

    • "Emotions on sleeve?" define that. Like it would be obvious the girl who says that likes you or not?

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What Girls Said 4

  • A polar bear is pretty damn cute. It'll still rip you to pieces if you mess with its cubs.

    I've known plenty of guys who are very cute who are still strong, stable, and grounded. Cute doesn't have to mean weak and helpless, you know.

  • I used to call my ex cute when he'd do pull ups in our doorway wall eating breakfast, and he had like strait up zero fat abs. I thought he was sexy as hell but I still called him cute from time to time lol.

  • why would you feel emasculated? girls call guys cute when they like them just take the compliment damnit.

    • grown men aren't babies so why do you call them cute?

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    • in a pretty way.. prettiness


      thanks for pissing me off even more

    • i didn't even notice that part I just read appealing and attractive! that's what cute is!

What Guys Said 1

  • I don't find being called "cute" emasculating. I know girls say it as a term of endearment, so I find no need to take offense by it. I know who I am and I know what I'm capable of. So if a girl wants to call me cute, either because she thinks I'm visually attractive or because I'm doing something endearing, like playing kids games with a friend's child or playing tug-o-war with a puppy (and letting the puppy win, of course), I'm more than happy to take it as a compliment!


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