Do you wear a bra in bed, because isn't it bad for you?

I may be wrong.

[This question is aimed towards other females]


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  • I never wear a bra to bed. Except on rare occasions where I get caught up and end up stuck staying somewhere overnight unexpectedly. Otherwise I take it off before bed even if I'm sleeping in my clothes. Home, ex's house, friend's house, doesn't matter. I'd rather be comfortable. Bras tend to pinch and squeeze when you're shifting around like that so I find it really uncomfortable to sleep that way. I also don't wear one if I'm just hanging out at home. Plus I wear a bra for like 12 hours a day, so they need room to breathe and move around, lol.


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  • No, it's not bad for you. It actually promotes "perkiness". It's a common misconception that sleeping with a bra on is bad for you.

    Ideally, you are supposed to sleep with a bra and no underwear.

    Yes, I sleep with a bra when I'm not sleeping nakey.

  • i take it off every chance I get after work and school. I hate wearing bras.

  • nope. it is bad for you and it's really uncomfortable.

    some info on this topic:


  • I don't wear one in bed, they need some free time to wobble around as they please in my opinion :P

  • I wear it to bed, but I'm so used to having it on me that I actually feel kind of uncomfortable when without it. Of course I don't shower in it and I don't wear it under my bathing suit, I also have one dress that is quite tight and requires no bra, so that's also when I don't wear one.

  • No, it's not bad for you, that's just an urban legend. I wear a sports bra to bed, but not the bras with underwire, clips or anything that can cause me discomfort. Some girls choose not to wear them to bed because it makes them feel uncomfortable and constricted.

  • Yes I do. The only times I ever take it off is when I am wearing a bathing suit or taking a shower. I hate the feeling of no bra, because it feels heavy, disgusting and saggy. Though, I have quite big breasts for my size so I'm pretty sure it is good what I am doing.

    No, it isn't bad for you.

    • sport bras shrink them I think. or make them firmer... not sure haha.

    • I know but they need to be freeeee! I mean free of constriction & pressure sometimes; my Dr said it's simply better to go no bra for circulation issues.

    • Haha I know Cassandra. But if just feels really weird not wearing a bra.

      Sports bras? lol I just wear my normal bra. I have always worn my bra to sleep every since I started wearing them, which was a long time ago. They don't appear to have shrunken? In fact they look bigger...

  • I'll wear a sports bra to bed with certain tops so that I'm not basically revealing off, but normal bras are just uncomfortable to sleep in. Not sure about the health thing. I heard that was just a myth, but I'm not 100 percent sure.

  • I never wear a bra to bed. As soon as I get home, I take off my bra actually. It's more comfortable without one - I'm a 32A, so I've basically got no boobs to begin with. I refuse to sleep with a bra on. (:

  • One side says it's bad; the other side [ particularly women with larger breast ] say it isn't. I really don't know. I don't wear one to bed because it's uncomfortable. Plus, it's good to let them get some "fresh air."

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