If a guy is concerned about his appearance around a girl?

does that mean he has feelings for her? fixing his hair, noticing our eye movements, fixing your shirt etc? I was looking at my crush and was looking at his chest area because I thought it was sexy and he caught me looking and immediately fixed his shirt and got self conscious...

he actually follows my movements a lot and watches what I'm doing each second...


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  • He values your opinion, and he probably finds you attractive; otherwise, he wouldn't care. When someone looks at another person, the initial response is always, "is there something wrong with me that the person is staring at? I hope there isn't a stain on my shirt or anything."


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  • Yea some guys care allot, but most guys are OK with just looking good and not perfect. It also varies from guy to guy. I am extremely self conscious about how good my breath smells or how white my teeth are. So I always have a pack of gum on me. He is self conscious about the way he looks and he only wants to look good for you, just to impress you. If you like him then just start to flirt with him, and once you get to know him, you can ask him why he is so concerned about his looks.

  • Yup, just like when a girl fixes her hair or her shirt wgen she sees an attractive guy


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