Ex still wears things I gave to him, does it mean anything?

And his friend also still talks to me?

I'm asking cause I keep seeing photos of when he's performing he's still using the guitar strap I gave him (he has plenty others) and the belt I gave him. Those are the two almost perm. things that appear.

Also, his friend who performs with him and is fairly close to him speaks to me; sends me links to their new songs to ask me to listen. We all have qualifications in music, and when me and my ex were together he would send everything through me as almost verfication if it was good.

The two songs were called:

"Never Alone" and "Being Without You". Being Without you was definitely written by my ex (I know his composition style)

Now, everything else he does implies he's at least trying to move on. I'm just confused, I thought it was a "no-no" to talk to a close friend's ex, and if he is moving on, why does he still wear the stuff I gave him...?
My mistake, he wrote the usic to "Being Without You" and he wrote all of "Never Alone"

Does it change things?


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  • He still loves you but doesn't show it.. I think he wants you to restart... Because he's restarting will show him down(in his sense)... You should try then!

    • Thing is, I've tried contacting him 3 times to at least make it not awkward, not necessarily back together, and he's blocked me online on stuff..last time we saw each other he completely ignored me.

      And then he does stuff like this... it just seems really weird?!?!

      (Btw, yes, I still love him, but I also want him to have space to mature, and me space to sort my life out, so I'm OK being single for now)

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    • Haha.. Hm.. I know.. But wheres the 'friend request' I was about to receive on fb? =)

    • Sent it now, sorry I had to go earlier

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