Why won't he look me in the eye?

When I talk to him he will not even look me in the face. He stands to the side. Won't even stand in front of me and won't look straight at me. Why?


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  • A lot of guys have a problem with eye contact. For this reason, having important conversations tends to be easier while driving for them. That way there's something else to concentrate on, while concentrating on the conversation. They don't have to look you straight on that way, which could explain why he's standing to the side when talking to you.

    In my past relationships, guys have preferred having conversations while driving, or sitting on the couch with the tv on. No major eye contact needed, which can be frustrating, but it's the way they've functioned.

    It would be nice if talking to guys was as easy as talking to girls. Face on, eye contact, etc., etc., but for some stupid reason, they'd prefer to be focused on something unimportant while having an important conversation.


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  • This topic can be a big problem between men and women, but don't take it personally. It's partly a question of neurology: men's brains process information differently than women's do.

    We're not deliberately avoiding eye contact to irritate you or to hide something -- our brains are different. You wouldn't expect a lefty to write as well with their right hand, would you?

    When men discuss an important personal topic, they prefer to sit shoulder to shoulder, with only occasional eye contact.

    Read books by linguist Deborah Tannen (sp?) for more information.

    For best results, men and women both need to adjust: he should make a bit more eye contact, but you should also respect his differences and not expect as much eye contact as with your girlfriends.

  • if ur really pretty he may not wanna stare as his form of keeping it cool, or he may have seen you do something that made him think differently of u, that's how it was for this girl I knew, she did messed up stuff so I never could really look her in the eye


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  • Okay, as a girls we like to talk to people when they are right in front of us and making eye contact. Guys like to talk to other guys shoulder to shoulder and little eye contact if any. Along with this the guy is probably shy and reserved. Don't take it personal. It's guys the way guys are.