He treats me differently than other girls. Why would he do this?

Hey.. I there's this guy that I have this weird relationship with, we tease each other nonstop but we like hanging out. So I guess you can say it's a love hate. Anyways, he is in the school play with me and we are both main characters. In the play, my character's costume looks like that of the St. Pauli girl so you can imagine how this would make me look.. Well, (not to sound conceded) all of the boys in the play kept commenting on how hot I look in it, except for him. I sa next to him backstage and he tugs my dress up and says,"Pull it up." I do and start blushing because the costume is SO not my style (I'm really shy and not comfortable wearing showy clothes.) and I apologize. He looks surprised and said in his usual cocky attitude,"Whyy are you apologizing for letting me see your breasts? THANK you!" and then he got a weird look and got up. I dunno... He just confuses me. He's usually a huge flirt and actually would not tell a girl to pull up her shirt. (not that I want him to see me like that, it just surprised me..?) yea so any thoughts why he would do this? Thank you so much. :) ps. He treats me differently than other girls, like he almost beat up a guy who kept on harassing me at a party


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  • He likes you :) that's adorable! I hope it goes well if you say something which you should, he sounds like a great guy!

    • :1 he's an amazing guy.. Gosh, but what do you think I should say? He's so smooth when he talks but I'm just a blushing mess lol..

    • He likes that about you! My boyfriend, I still can't talk straight when I'm around and he just laughs and does that interupting kissing. We get embarressed, but trust me, if he likes you which it sounds like he does, he likes that quality about you! Besides, it shows you're a little shy and shy means real person, not fake and guys like that!

    • Aww thanks so much :) I'm really happy for you and your boyfriend by the way, that's so cute.

  • Likes you

    • But he likes one of my friends... Do you mean like a brother sister way?

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    • maybe it is brother sister. without knowing he liked your friend, I would say he liked you though. So maybe he just says he likes your friend so he can talk to you more?

    • I know he likes my friend because he keeps on pursuing her and asking her out.. :1 thank you do much though..

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