My boyfriend has beautiful friend?

I am with him 1,5year, it's everything OK with him just I am insecure person. He works with girl who is very beautiful, intelligent , ideal girl. I think I am pretty , creative , talented, but she has so extremely cute face! looks like angel. She calls him often ,always likes his photos on fb, and so .. she knows about me and probably treats him friendly. Why don't she has a bf?:( I can't stand it, I am not going to talk with him and tell him to not contact her, because he doesn't do anything wrong, maybe I am so because my dad left me and my mom when I was 8. But I can't stand this situation, I think about leaving him because this girl ideal beautiful makes me sick.. should I do it? what would you do in my situation?


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  • The jealousy you have is absolutely toxic to your relationship.

    Think about it; if she is the exact same way she is now, but looked less attractive than you... wouldn't have a problem, right?


    It's not fair that your bf's friends have to all be less attractive to you, in order to keep your jealousy in check.

    I understand what you said about your parents, but honestly you're gonna have to trust him to be with him. If she is so ideal, he'd be with her instead of you.

    • he has other friends, and some of them are more attractive than me and I never had problem with it, but she is extremaly attractive! she isn't just beautiful... she is ideal beautiful ,that's why I am so jealous.

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  • Oh! so, you will abandon him for having a beautiful perfect 10 friend. ha ha that is weird... For your next boyfriend remember to check first that he does not has a ny beautiful girlfriend.

  • remember he is with YOU for a reason. Jealously will break you two up not this girl. Trust your boyfriend and don't worry about it

  • You can only change your reaction to it. Unless something physical happens between the two of them, there's no difference if she's cute or if she's ugly.


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