Girls, have you ever worn a bikini to the beach whose bottom piece was a thong / g-string?

Girls, have you ever worn a bikini to the beach whose bottom piece was a thong / g-string?

If yes, how did you feel at the beach? Did people stare? Or did you feel completely comfortable?
Oh, and also if you never had before, would yiu ever? Could you imagine to?


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  • I have been wearing thong-bikinis to the beaches for the past 10 years, I don't think I even own one single normal bikini bottom anymore... lol

    I really don't care for the stares, I feel 100% comfortable, otherwise I wouldn't wear them.


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  • If the girl has a decent body its great.

    The men will stare when you aren't looking in their direction and they will love it!

    The women will gawk and make snide comments and get mad at their men for liking what they see.

    That's how you know you're looking good!

    If the body isn't decent, the men will try to look away! Some will try but they still can't look away from a girl in a thong or they are hypnotised by love-handles and cellulite supported only by what can be described as a thin piece of Liquorice!

    His eyes begin to burn and then his girlfriend is there to slap him out of it! "Thanks babe, I'm so glad and lucky to have you", he remarks, still nervous about the whole ordeal.

    He gets up and walks slowly back to the car as if he's just seen a ghost. He winds the windows up and turns the air conditioner on. He starts rocking back and forth and his girlfriend comforts him.

    He comes to after an hour has passed. "We must warn every guy on the beach about this! I won't let this happen to anyone else", he exclaims! He holds in his tears...

  • I went to Turkey in the summer and there were plenty of girls in bikinis there. Not that I was constantly looking at the half-naked women (although it's hard not to look) but I think pretty much all the girls wore normal bikinis but there were only like 2 girls who wore thong-bikinis. Funnily enough they were the only 2 girls I can actually remember when I visualize them when closing my eyes lol . Hope that didn't sound pervy haha.

  • I grew up relatively close to the beach, and been there an uncountable number of times and I've only seen one woman wearing a thong and she was a lifeguard. It seems inappropriate to me just because of children. There are so many children on beaches is just seems wrong to wear something that revealing, even some "normal" sized bikinis seem inappropriate.

  • If I see a lady wearing a thong / g-string I become fixated upon her. So I am one of those creepy beach bastards who watches for the goods.

    • I can't blame you... lol

      I didn't mind the stares when I was wearing one, though I would have if it was TOO obvious and too much staring...

  • Thongs and G-Strings were a fad for a bit where I live. Its rare to see them now. Doesn't really matter what you wear though, there is always someone who is going to stare.

  • any woman (or man) who wants to wear a thong should go through an application process~

    • is your butt hair free? tic yes or no

      is your butt toned?

      do you like your butt?

      anything to declare about your butt? lol

      is the

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  • I can't imagine how awkward I would feel .__.

    I don't even wear normal 2 pieces/bikinis lol

    I don't like to see other girls wearing them one wants to see your ass >__>

    • Oh how wrong you are about that thought ;)

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    • ForeverYours, you have no idea how many guys actually do want to see nice asses! If YOU don't like to see them then that's your problem.

    • Are you kidding? I love to see that!

  • I haven't. I don't think I'd feel uncomfortable wearing one but I'd imagine all of the stares/attention would be enough to not wear it personally.

    • But doesn't that mean that the stares would make you feel uncomfortable?

    • No, just would give me the wrong attention. I'd be annoyed by the attention rather than uncomfortable.

  • I wear them on beaches in the Caribbean.. Cuba, Dominican...

    but not here at home...

  • I have worn a thong bikini a few times. I usually don't though. It really depends on what beach I am at. As long as it is a normal practice at whatever beach your at, no one will bat an eye... I was always with a group of friends so I was never the only person wearing one... It felt a little awkward at first but it is nice getting a real tan without going to a booth.

  • I've thought about it. People say I have a nice ass, but when it's not in jeans it wiggles ! Which is weird :3 so if my butt was more toned than yeah I'd probably wear one. :3

  • hahahahah you must be joking, Where I Live its way too cold and not only that its just weird... like they are meant for more foreign beaches.If you have the body , if you are comfortable and don't care then go ahead. But I would hate the thought of old men staring at my bum. I hate my bum as it is lol never mind added attention.

  • Yes, I have. People didn't stare too much, because it's kind of common where I live. I got some whistles and a few ass slaps, but in general it was comfortable :D

    • I hope you are kidding about the ass slaps! :O

    • Hell yeah. Don't know what l the downvotes are for, it was a joke...I wouldn't waer that in public. Though where I live it's very common...

  • I usually wear thongs in every beach except in USA. That is a strange society. I started when I was 17, so many years ago LOL. At first I felt vulnerable...mixed exciting. I guess the third time I was completely comfortable. I like guys looking at me.

  • No! I work out a lot and hear I have a nice body but I feel weird showing to much. I have no problem with girls who do.If you got it,flaunt it, If you don't got it,please don't make me see

  • I have worn a thong bikinis in pools when it´s just with people I know. I could wear it to the beach but I might find it awkward. :)

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