Girls, Have you ever sharted in a bikini?

Or anything similarly embarrassing? I love embarrassing stories like this so dont be shy. Funniest gets mho


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  • I was at the pool with my boyfriend but I was on my period so I was wearing a tampon... We were about to get into the pool and he's like "wait wait you have a thread" and it turns out the tampon string wasn't tucked into my bathing suit and he publicly pulled out my tampon in front of the pool :((

    • Oh my god! Hahahahahaha! I mean that would've been embarrassing but a funny story lmao

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  • I was wearing a bikini one time, and one of my breasts was sticking out by accident. This girl came up to me and informed me. Terrible moment.

    • Hahaha! Classic!

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    • The girl who told you obviously did lol

    • You are right. At least, not enough people saw me to cause a scene at that water park. x)