Why do girls think I'm shorter than I am?

It's really annoying because I'm 5'8 and girls think I'm short. I know it's definitely not tall, but still it's NOT short... There is this one girl that is literally like 4'11 and she was surprised when she heard me say I was 5'8. Why does this happen and girls obsess so much over height? ****
If girls think 5'8 is too short then I feel extremely sorry for guys that are like 5'2 or 5'6...


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  • 5'8 - 5'11 is the average for American dudes I believe.

    So your average height.

    But I'm an amazon coming in at 5' 9, 6'2 in heels so, you'd be short to me - I'm tall for a girl though so, nothing to fret about really.

    I guess height is equated with intimidation which is equated with the male fundamental icon of strength. So bigger guys just seem more appealing. Emphasis on seem.

    But a man is a man - you come in a variety of shapes and sizes so.

    • I'm really confused that I always appear shorter than I am. I think I got side tracked and asked two different questions haha. But why do girls think I'm shorter than I am?

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    • For some reason girls around me seem about the same height as me. Which would put most girls around 5'7 to 5'8 which is way off from the accepted average of 5'5 for women. I think 5'5 is thrown off because of latinos, africans, and Asians are shorter on average. White women are way taller than 5'5...usually..

    • Well that'd be why. You have girls who are your height - the idea is that guys are suppose to be taller than the girls, so they think your short for a guy because your at their female height.

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  • you wouldnt't be short for me. aha. honestly I like guys who are on the shorter side, I don't know what all the hype is for a guy to be 6ft+

  • 5'8 is probably shorter than average for men but I think that most women are a lot shorter than that so your good. Personally I wouldn't care but I guess some girls like guys 6 foot and taller :p

    • It is shorter than average but I'd still call it lower average. Short is like 5'6 and below...

  • I don't know why girls think you are short 5'8 isn't that short it's average.

    I Find that really tall guys 6+ is just really cute ( guys shorter than that are too), I think the height makes me see them differently, I don't know. Wear, high shoes with really long pants so they don't look like heels, but you can still be tall. :)


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  • Well, that's because most girls are led to believe they should only be with taller guys, and think there are an unlimited supply of us. It is silly. I'm 6'1", but most guys in the United States aren't that tall. I can't date all the girls out there, nor can any other tall guy. I do have some shorter male friends that are good with women though, and they generally are very funny or have something else which helps women overlook the fact that they are shorter. Hang in there man!

    • Thanks! For some reason girls think a man has to be 6' or taller. If he is less than that he isn't manly enough heh

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    • If it were that simple...I'm extremely serious in nature

    • That's tough. Girls like humor in general in guys, tall and short. That's not to say you can't be serious, but don't be serious more often than being funny, otherwise girls will think you have a "short man" complex, i.e. a short guy that is angry that he was born shorter. Hope this helps!

  • LOLOL, oh my god! That's so harsh, hahahaa. Wear boots. I wear boots with three inch heels. Not for height reasons, I didn't even realize until like a year after. But it makes me taller, because the only time I take my boots off is when I'm in bed. I'm 5'6, but I'm de facto 5'9.

    • Haha I should get boots with 3 inch heels. Then I would be almost 6' which would be amazing. I'm just curious how many more looks from girls I'd get if I were 6' tall...hmm this calls for an experiment.

    • Yeah. The problem is though, if you genuinely wear tall boots just to look taller, you will get caught out eventually and f***ing *railed*.

  • Most women are heightist, you see.

    • I think this is a very truthful statement.

    • Yup. Height matters to many women in the way that looks matter to many men. It isn't a death sentence either way, it just means you probably need to compensate somewhere else.

    • They did a study thing, like, where they found out that heightism in the workplace is comparable to racism and sexism in gravity.

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